Thursday, 11 April 2019

Food For Thought

Reporter: Atarau

Last week the Koru team did a program called Food for Thought. A lady named Makayla came in from the Heart Foundation and taught us about healthy foods.

Session one: On the first session we had a look at all the different food categories, occasional which is foods that are not that healthy, then there's everyday foods which are healthy foods. In everyday foods there are 4 categories, fruits and veges, dairy products, lean meats and legumes, and breads and cereals.

After we did that we went into groups of four and got given a bag filled with pieces of laminated paper. On the pieces of paper they had either a food or a heading. The heading were everyday the 4 categories of healthy foods and occasional. We had to sort them into the right place.

Session two: The first thing we did on session two was learn how to read labels on food packages to see if they were healthy foods to eat everyday. We did a task to swap our paper and write the box with how much energy and so on.

Session three: Nine people from the Koru team went to the supermarket to do some fun things there. Here is what Breanna said about it - “They had a sheet with different categories. They picked two cereals and breads, and they found the total of fat and the sugars and that stuff. They did that to see if it was occasional or everyday”. She also said that it was very exciting and fun.

I am completely sure that the Koru team had a lot of fun learning about how to eat healthy.

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