Thursday, 11 April 2019

App Designers

Reporters: Yossi and Zach

In Mandy's digital tuakana group, we are designing apps for an audience that need some help in our community. Like spelling, maths, reading and anger issues etc. There are different stages in the process, such as the green stage, yellow stage is your app features, red stage is building a prototype, blue stage is evaluating your app idea, the purple stage is building your app pitch, the blue stage is when you explore apps and get ideas for your app and see what functions they have and the last stage is you have finished.

We had to look at different apps to get ideas on what our app will do and who it will help. We had to look at some Bluetooth apps and see if we could use them in our apps and why you need it.

We are really looking forward to finish making our apps to help out the community.

This is a photo from the keynote slideshow we are working on.  

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