Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Woodend Camp 2016

The Te Harakeke team went to Woodend Camp on the 29/10/2016. We got dropped off in Pegasus, had morning tea, and started to walk to camp. The walk was approximately 5km, and it was a great exercise for the Te Harakeke team. By the time we all got there, everyone was exhausted

The camp activities involved:
Rock climbing
Aero jump
And a whole lot more.

Personally my favourite activity was the go karts, because I actually had a go on it.
During camp, some students even conquered their fears,  Including two of the members of the What's Up Bromley crew.

Stay tuned for more information during our next episode.

The Bromley Olympics!

As you may know Bromley school had an Olympic Day in Week 7. Then was postponed to week 9. Then it was postponed to another day in Term 4.

.... Yes it is term 4 and the second day of the Olympics is now in zone. Stay tuned to hear all about this in the next WUB show.