Thursday, 24 August 2017

August Show

Check it this month's show, which aired in assembly today!
(Video features the photo guys, Mark Dickel, Kākano trip to Ferrymead and the Cultural Festival)

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Year 6-Chisnallwood Intermediate Visit- 2017

On the 16/8/2017 the year 6's got to go on a special trip to Chisnallwood Intermediate School to see what intermediate is like!

There was lots to do and enjoy! There were 3 other schools there, Shirley Primary, Linwood Ave Primary and Linwood North Primary (not including Chisnallwood students). We Also saw some Ex-Bromley students!

Some of the things we got to do were...
*Watch their choir group perform to us!
*Test some of the classrooms-EG. Technology, and foods.
*Watch their Orchestra preform.

We also got to have a free lunch/sausage Sizzle there!

Author: Lilly

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Christchurch City Libraries Robotics Programme

This morning the coding group participated in a robotics programme with Jan-Hai from Christchurch City Libraries. The coding group were programming some robots called the Bee-Bot and Mindstorms. The kids were programming the robots to go around a square in the middle of the room. They learned how to add images and sound into the Mindstorms via Bluetooth. They also learned how to move the Bee-Bots and Mindstorms with simple commands. Chelsea, one of the coding group members, said about the first session of robotics programme, “It was really fun, I got to learn from my mistakes and if anyone wants to try it, I recommend it".

In the next session the coding group will be continuing with learn how to make the robot manoeuvre, but it will be a little bit harder. There will also be a special challenge given to them. Keep an eye on our Twitter over the next few weeks for more info on this story.

Author: Mikayla

The Cultural Festival Is Approaching!

Bromley school has been preparing for the Cultural festival 2017. We started at the beginning of the year, writing our own bromley haka, with Jerome Kavanagh, and since then we have been learning our other songs with some sharp actions, singing and more! Our five songs we have learnt are:
Whakarongo mai, Bromley School Haka, Tenei au, Toru mai, and Tena koutou.

We have also found out that the visit to the Cultural festival is on the 17th of August or in other words term 3 week 4 on a Thursday. It will be at the Horncastle arena, in Christchurch. You can purchase tickets from Ticketek.

The helpers includes Tyson, Whaea Jo, Whaea Mata, Whaea Latoua, Sheryl, Ms Baker and more! Yesterday we tried on our uniforms. The girls put on a skirt, a top, and a headband, and the boys wore skirts and belts. All of the kapa haka people are so excited for the Cultural festival.

Watch out for our next WUB episode when we have more on the Cultural festival.

Author: Cooper

Apple Distinguished School!

Our school is Apple distinguished, which means we have lots of Apple devices, such as MacBooks, iPad minis and more! It is a privilege to have so many devices to learn with and be the only Apple distinguished primary school in the South Island currently.

Here is a quote and a bit of a story from our principal, Mr Kinley. "Its a a reward for a lot of hard work from the teachers and children in the area of technology. Some of the teachers at Bromley primary school went to an Apple summit, and got called up to the stage and were awarded a banner and plaque."

The plaque is on the wall in our school office.

Author: Kelli