Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Breaking News!

We are quickly learning that journalists have to work to timeframes and sometimes with breaking news we have to work fast and efficiently and manage our time well. Today we were given a scenario - a catastrophic event has happened in our school playground and we have 45 mins to report on the event and prepare a segment for TV news!

Camera Angles

Today we experimented with different camera angles when taking photos and video to make our reports more interesting for our audience. Take a look at some of our awesome shots!

Asking Great Questions

This week the WUB team focussed on our questioning techniques. we talked a lot about asking open ended questions rather than closed questions.Take a look at the Bromley snapshots to see how well we applied what we had learned.

Getting ready for WUB 2017

The WUB team is up and running for 2017 and we are spending Term 1 sharpening our journalism and filming expertise! We have been looking at the BBC News resource for kids.
This week we focussed on reporting information that our audience wants to know about - the W's:
The media teams were given a weekly challenge to cover one event and report as a Bromley snapshot (focussing on the W's). Let's take a look at our first efforts: