Thursday, 14 June 2018

Digital Tuakana Visit Scott Automation!

Reporters: Helena and Willow

On Thursday the 14/6/18 Mandy’s wonderful coding group went on an amazing trip to the Scott Automation company. Scott Automation was right near our school. It was on 10 Maces Road. The reason the coding group got to go was because they are learning all about programming and robotics and found out about this opportunity through Tyler-Jae’s (Pitau 3) parents.

Scott Automation design and build production line machinery for many of the world’s leading manufacturers and use robotics to automate manual processes. We really got to see Robotics in action!

When we arrived Mr Prince lead us to the board room to show us some videos about what their company does. Then we had to put on safety glasses and Mr Prince took us around the factory to see their latest Invention which was a production line that makes the frames for a very flash oven. We were so lucky to see this because next week it gets packed into approximately 20 shipping containers to be taken overseas!

Our favourite part of the machinery was seeing the robotic arms working. It was amazing how accurate they were.  Mr Prince talked to us about what these arms could do and we learned a bit about the servos and the hydraulic powered arms.

We couldn’t believe how big the place was and how many different areas there were. We saw the massive office where the designers work, the factory where the production line was set up, machinery room and the workshop where they do all of the welding.

Overall it was an amazing experience and we learned so much.  We also have so many more questions so hopefully we can visit again.

If you would like to learn more about Scott Innovation then you can visit their website: 

They have lots of great videos you can watch too!