Thursday, 12 April 2018

Pitau's Visit To The Art Gallery And Museum

Reporters: Willow and Cecille

Recently the Pītau group got to experience their amazing trip to the Christchurch Art Gallery and Museum. The reason they went was because they were learning about themselves, their belongings and what kiwi identity might be. The Pītau children also looked at some significant New Zealanders, symbols and history.

The children made an art piece and they had to select some images that were significant to them. When they got back to school they put a picture of themselves in their gallery and they had to put important people of New Zealand in there.

Mrs McLeod said, “my overall thoughts on our art gallery trip is that it was very beneficial because it allowed the children to make connections to how they belong to New Zealand.”

We got a quote from a student that went. She had told us about her favourite part and what she saw. Paige says, “we learnt about some pounamu and we went into a paua shell house and learnt about all the history that was in it.”

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