Thursday, 12 April 2018

Building Redevelopment

Reporters: Sheldon, Lucas and Helena

Currently our school is going through a building redevelopment. This means areas will be blocked off and classrooms will be upgraded such as walls being removed and roofs being raised.

The play areas will be very compact as the entire field could be blocked off, meaning there could be different play times for Kākano, Pītau and Koru. Maybe some of the Cypress Gardens could be open for more play areas.

If you want to get to the field you have to take the long way around as the basketball area has been blocked off. But the PE shed is still open and able for kids to get equipment.

What are they doing at the moment?
The workers are working in the old koru 2 and the old room 15. They have put their offices and toilets and their vehicles in a fenced off area. They have cut down some trees and removed part of the fence in order to enter the construction site. They have done some surveying to mark out the area where the new hall will go.

These are some questions we asked Ms Nicholls, our Deputy Principal, who has been helping in organising the redevelopment at Bromley.

What are they rebuilding?
The old Kākano block the Koru block and other areas.

Where is the brand new building getting placed?
It will be going to be where the basketball court was near the PE shed.

How long will it take for the entire redevelopment to finish?
1 year.

How did you get this much money to do this?
The minister of education is paying for redevelopment of all schools in Christchurch and it would take about 20 years for all schools to be finished.

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