Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Year 6-Chisnallwood Intermediate Visit- 2017

On the 16/8/2017 the year 6's got to go on a special trip to Chisnallwood Intermediate School to see what intermediate is like!

There was lots to do and enjoy! There were 3 other schools there, Shirley Primary, Linwood Ave Primary and Linwood North Primary (not including Chisnallwood students). We Also saw some Ex-Bromley students!

Some of the things we got to do were...
*Watch their choir group perform to us!
*Test some of the classrooms-EG. Technology, and foods.
*Watch their Orchestra preform.

We also got to have a free lunch/sausage Sizzle there!

Author: Lilly

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  1. I remember that time it was at chisnallwood that was really fun.