Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Christchurch City Libraries Robotics Programme

This morning the coding group participated in a robotics programme with Jan-Hai from Christchurch City Libraries. The coding group were programming some robots called the Bee-Bot and Mindstorms. The kids were programming the robots to go around a square in the middle of the room. They learned how to add images and sound into the Mindstorms via Bluetooth. They also learned how to move the Bee-Bots and Mindstorms with simple commands. Chelsea, one of the coding group members, said about the first session of robotics programme, “It was really fun, I got to learn from my mistakes and if anyone wants to try it, I recommend it".

In the next session the coding group will be continuing with learn how to make the robot manoeuvre, but it will be a little bit harder. There will also be a special challenge given to them. Keep an eye on our Twitter over the next few weeks for more info on this story.

Author: Mikayla

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  1. I like the things you are doing I wish I could be in WUB😄