Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Beach Education Programme Makes A Splash

Reporters: Lucas and Kordae

In week 2 and 3 all of Pītau and Koru went to South Brighton Beach for Beach Education to learn many things.

They took part in many activities including everything the lifeguards had learned, a sand castle competition and going in the water.

The students were separated into 4 different groups to go around into four stations. On one of the stations they learned what the IRB is and that is an inflatable rescue boat that they use 70% of the time to rescue people.

Next is the medical equipment to help people that are unconscious or are having trouble to breathe. Another one was the inflatable rescue tube which they use 15% of the time to rescue people and finally is the knee boards, which they use another 15% to rescue people.

The sand castle competition that they participated in was a great event with working together very well with great designs with shells, sticks and dried up seaweed.

Finally the water time even though they didn’t have much time  they made the most of it with some huge waves chatting with their friends and having fun.

Mr Cron, who organised the event, said “I thought it was absolutely fantastic, the life guards related really well and children learnt important new safety issues involved with New Zealand beaches”.

Overall this was a great programme. Thanks to the lifeguards who ran it, as well as the teachers and parents for their support.

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