Thursday, 16 June 2016

This Week's Show - Term 2 Week 7


  1. Room 4 enjoyed the ending of your show because we thought it was funny!
    Reuben would like to know if you have any ideas about what caused the gas smell?
    Isaac thinks the gas smell was really stinky!
    Deklyn thinks that the road workers accidentally spilled some chemicals that went into the drains, and that was what caused the gas smell.
    Shania likes how there were more than 2 presenters.
    Rylee M would like to know why Jahleel was in the background at the end?
    Miyah liked how you asked Mr Kinley's opinion on the mystery gas smell.

  2. Great episode this week guys! Room 8 got a hilarious surprise when we saw Jahleel and Samantha at the end of the video.

  3. We've watched the ending heaps of times! It crack us up!

  4. I liked how we got to hear what Mr Kinley thought. How did Jahleel get into the studio? - Lucas N
    I liked hearing Mr Kinley's ideas. I thought the gas leak from a workshop down the road. - Sheldon
    I liked hearing Mrs Baker's ideas and Mr Kinley's ideas. I thought the smell was the sewage pipes. - Korbin
    I think it was from all the works on Maces road, by the factories. - Marc
    I liked that they were in a studio. - Seth
    I think the gas leak was the poo ponds. I can smell that sometimes. - Lilly

  5. Thank you everybody.They are all really good ideas.

  6. I really liked last weeks episode. Everyone was speaking clearly and it was easy to understand. Also thanks to Mr Kinley for letting us take the interview of the gas smell. We know that he hates being on camera.
    Great work WUB!!!